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In-Vehicle Computer

In Vehicle Computer integrate GPS, GSM/GPRS/HSPA/UMTS, Bluetooth, WiFi, wide range power input, vehicle power management all in a PC based Industrial Computer for telematics, infotainment and fleet management applications.


Won "Taiwan Excellent 100 on ITS/Telematics" Award

Acrosser In-Vehicle PC Plays Significant Role in Telematics Acrosser In-Vehicle PC Plays Significant Role in Telematics
According to ABI, SA & QY research in 2015, the overall aftermarket Telematics market will grow to USD 160 million per year by 2020. To meet this project growth, Acrosser Technology, a global pioneer in the evolution of industrial computing, had immediately committed its valuable resources to further develop its in-vehicle computer product lines. As a result, the Acrosser In-Vehicle PC line developed as a product line of perfect machines for major Telematics applications.
Wi-Fi AP Mode Solution for In-Vehicle Computer Wi-Fi AP Mode Solution for In-Vehicle Computer
A Wi-Fi specification, (IEEE-802.11 a/b/g/n) is a commonly adopted technology for in-vehicle computer products. These are AP (Access Point) Mode and Station Mode for the Wi-Fi technologies.
Power Management for In-Vehicle PC Power Management for In-Vehicle PC
The intelligent power management subsystem solution is especially designed for the in-vehicle PC to conquer all the challenges and provide the advanced features to benefit the in-vehicle application.
Thermal Solution of In-Vehicle Computers Thermal Solution of In-Vehicle Computers
By the requirements of highly integrated system structure with build-in wireless modules, good CPU performance, wide range operating temperature and fanless design, In-Vehicle Computers thermal problem becomes a challenge to makers.
See how well designed thermal solution can save your cost without sacrificing performance.
Solution stories
(Success Stories) - Vehicle PC Makes Waste Collection Cleaner, Faster and Smarter  
(Success Stories) - Securing a Safer Work Environment with Acrosser In-Vehicle System  
(Success Stories) - Stay Alert, Act Agile. Acrosser's Vehicle Computer and Law Enforcement.  
Acrosser announce new Fan-less In-Vehicle PC embedded with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU  
Acrosser launches Fan-less Telematics in Vehicle Computer Features Intel Atom D425 / D525 processor  
Acrosser’s In-Vehicle Computer Receives ''Taiwan excellent 100 on ITS/telematics'' Award  
ACROSSER launches four Vehicle grade LCD touch Monitor for In-Vehicle Application.  
Acrosser Technology in Vehicle Computers Power the Operation Efficiency of a Huge Fleet  
High-End Fanless In-Vehicle Computer Features Intel Core i7 Technology  
See you at ESEC Japan 2013 !  
Acrosser’s high-performance In-Vehicle computer with 3rd generation Intel Core i processor  
Acrosser Offers an Extensive In-Vehicle Computer Product Line with ODM/OEM Services for Your Specialized Market.  
Visit Acrosser’s APTA EXPO Micro Site for Success Stories, Online Reservation, and More!  
Acrosser Releases Product Video for COM Express Type 6 Module with Intel Core i7 Processor and QM77 Platform  
Acrosser Releases New In-Vehicle Computer AIV-QM97V1FL for Telematics and Vehicle Applications  
Self-Driving Car and Flying Vehicle are Coming! Acrosser In-Vehicle Computer solution can make the embedded idea a reality!  
New Products! Great Show! Thank You For Visiting Acrosser at COMPUTEX 2017  
Come, Join us at APTA EXPO 2017  
In-Vehicle Computer
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