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Today, the rising importance of the Industrial panel PC and applications is without a doubt, countless industrial embedded computers have evolved into a vital component for every industrial environment, among these embedded computers, Industrial panel PCs are already being adopted by industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing plants, marine, military, and civil and construction sector. These panel PCs are designed specifically for harsh environments in which a standard computer would be unable to withstand, and the software is something which requires a lot less attention regarding updates or maintenance.

With benefits such as versatility, durability, Flexibility and simplicity,
Industrial panel PCs have become a significant tool for many businesses and industries. Many industries are now utilizing rugged Industrial panel PC systems to do a number of tasks in their daily operations.

Being one of the leading innovators in the Industrial embedded systems, Acrosser Technology is known for high quality panel computer products. Acrosser’s industrial fanless Panel PC (Panel Computer) can serve as Human Machine Interface (HMI), perfecting the entire system integration project with better user experience. Panel size ranges from 7”, 8”,10”,12”,15” to 17”. Outstanding features of these industrial panel PCs include flat bezel, stainless steel, fanless, water proof (IP66/IP69K) ultra slim, and high brightness as option. Open frame industrial computers are also designed for flexibility.

Acrosser Panel PC product Lines:
● 7” ~ 17” Aluminum Front/Meta Chassis touch screen Panel PC (x86 Based)
● 10” ~ 23.8” Stainless touch screen Panel PC (x86 Based)
● 5.6 ~ 21.5” touch screen Panel PC (Arm Based)
● 10” ~ 21.5” Stainless touch screen Panel PC (Arm Based)
● 8” ~ 15” Open Frame Monitor

Industrial panel PCs give customers the flexibility, durability, and versatility that customers need to deliver automation in harsh, unique environment. The Industrial Panel PCs are now a necessity for healthcare, Industrial and corporate businesses to remain at the forefront of their respective industry, contact us via online inquiry system to find the right product for your workplace and factory.

For more information about our panel pc product lines. please go to our online inquiry sysyem:http://www.acrosser.com/inquiry.html


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