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1. Type of Warranty and Validity
  1.1 Within Warranty Period: Within 2 years counting form date of shipment of product
    1.1.1 Defect On Arrival (DOA)-Defective New Product: Within 3 months counting from date of shipment
of product.
    1.1.2 Return Material Authorization (RMA)-Defective product within warranty period: Within 2 years counting
from date of shipment of product.
  1.2 Outside of Warranty Period: Product elapse the 2-year warranty period.
  1.3 Extended Warranty: Warranty extended per request of customer at extra service charge.
Related requirements shall be handled as per Extended Warranty Service Policy.
    1.4.1 Non-Acrosser products sold individually:
All Non-Acrosser products will be covered by Acrosser for one year. After one year, Acrosser does not take responsibility and owners should contact Third Party Manufacturers for warranty service and provide model numbers and serial numbers of the Third Party item.
    1.4.2 Non-Acrosser products sold within assembled Acrosser systems:
All Non-Acrosser products supplied within assembled systems by Acrosser will be covered by the Acrosser's one year warranty and shall not exceed one year of coverage through Acrosser. Third Party items include, but are not limited to, CPUs, RAM, Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, CD-ROMs, Ethernet Cards, Non-Acrosser Video cards, etc. During the warranty time period, Acrosser reserves the right to repair, replace, or upgrade the 3rd party non-Acrosser products and / or items with either new or remanufactured condition based on availability.
2. Maintenance Service within Warranty Period
  Customer is entitled for Maintenance Service within Warranty Period if he/she purchased Acrosser Product,
used under normal condition and occurred with problem within the warranty period.
3. Exclusion form warranty
  Under one of the following condition, appropriate maintenance service charge will be levied:
  3.1 Product Warranty Period expired
  3.2 No Serial Number on the product or the Serial Number is unable to identify.
  3.3 Resale Product Warranty Label is destroyed and is unable to identify or removed.
  3.4 Within Warranty Period but product is damaged under one of the following situations:
    3.4.1 Improper use of product of customer – such as unauthorized modification, service or maintenance, change of part / component, using accessories not of the product, operating products outside of the specified operation environment, misuse or abuse of product (failure in following instruction of Operation Manual)
    3.4.2 Force Majeure event – such as will of god, flood, fire, thunder strike, typhoon, earthquake, war or worm infection.



Man originated damage (such as dropping, knocking or heavy impact) and human factor (such as lost, intrusion of liquid, failing proper custody)
Each RMA case will be photographed on arrival for documentation. Acrosser's warranty service will not cover product damages arise from negligence of shipping.

4. Maintenance / Service Time Frame
  4.1 Maintenance / Service Time Frame
Definition of TAT: Date of Acrosser Receipt and Date of Acrosser Shipping.
The TAT of Acrosser manufactured product is estimated as the following:TAT: Date of Acrosser Receipt and Date of Acrosser Shipping
    4.1.1 1-50 units per shipment: TAT is normally 5 working days
    4.1.2 50-100 units per shipment: TAT is normally 7 working days
    4.1.3 More than 100 units per shipment: TAT is normally 10 working days
    4.1.4 Non-Acrosser product will be sent back to the original maker for service / maintenance and the time for maintenance / service will be 3 working days for processing added to the return time of original maker.
  4.2 The time for to and from shipping make be delayed due to the following factors
    4.2.1 Customer failed to sign and return P/I within 48hours
    4.2.2 Customer failed to settle overdue account
    4.2.3 Unclear description of problem as provided by customer
    4.2.4 Customer modified Acrosser product without due authorization
    4.2.5 Customer delayed reply or failed to reply the information required by Acrosser, such as environment of application, system configuration, etc.
5. Maintenance / Service Standard Service
  5.1 Acrosser will take full responsibilities of DOA service.
(But the excluding conditions are excepted)
  5.2 For defective product within warranty period, customer needs to pay freight of returning the product and all other cost and expenses will be for account of Acrosser (except those excluded from warranty)。
  5.3 Service and Maintenance for Product with warranty period elapsed are subject to the following service charges:
Maintenance / Service charge = Maintenance / Service expense + material cost + freight
Material cost
Mother board
  5.4 No maintenance service (such as adjustment, update and NPF finds no problem with product) provided for product elapsed of warranty period is subject to the following charges:
Maintenance / Service Charge = Inspection / Testing Charge + Freight
Maintenance Service expense
Mother board
  5.5 Maintenance Service for Product with Extra Warranty Revoked is subject to the following charges:
Maintenance / Service Charge = Handling Charge + Freight
Maintenance Service expense
Mother board
  5.6 Service charge of resale product with warranty period elapsed:
Maintenance / Service Charge = Handling Charge + Charge levied by original maker + freight
  5.7 If same problem occurred to the product completed maintenance / service by Acrosser within 3 months, Acrosser will provide completely free maintenance service and will be completed as soon as possible.
However, this is not applicable to situations like improper use of customer, unauthorized disassembly or modification, poor operating environment, improper maintenance, and accident of other cause leading to the repetition of same problem.
6. Flow and Explanation of Maintenance / Service Flow
  6.1 Maintenance Service Flow
  6.2 Explanation of sending back for maintenance
    6.2.1 Please enter contents of maintenance / service required: such as title of product, manufacturing serial number, conditions of defect and data for communicating with customer
    6.2.2 No accessories shall be included when sending back the defective product, unless such accessories is related to the problem of product, and please listed the accessories accompanied in the Maintenance Sheet. Acrosser shall not be held responsible for any item not specified.
    6.2.3 Please use the original packing material or appropriate packing material when sending back the defective product to avoid additional damage in transit. Customer shall be responsible for any damage out of improper packing.
7. Maintenance service for models suspended production
  For models suspended of production, Acrosser offers extended warranty period for providing maintenance service
form the date suspended of production to meet with the requirements of customer. If for any unexpected reason
Acrosser is prevented to offer maintenance service and replacement for defective product suspended of production
but still within warranty period, Acrosser will solve such problem with upgraded product (free of charge for
upgrading but extend the warranty period of old product) or partial refund (calculated per the residual warranty
time) at the discretion of Acrosser.
8. Maintenance Report

After completing maintenance of defective product, a Maintenance Report will be submitted to customer together
with the shipped back product. The Maintenance Report will state the result of maintenance and parts /
components replaced. If further maintenance analysis report is required by customer, Acrosser will levy service
charge depends on the warranty:

Analysis charge within Warranty Period: US$60 - But will be charged of extra cost if the analysis is done by
3rd-Parties out of Acrosser.

Analysis charge outside of Warranty Period: US$120 - But will be charged of extra cost if the analysis is
done by 3rd-Parties out of Acrosser.

In case the result of analysis prove that the problem arisen out off ill product design or out of the production
process, the Analysis Charge will be waived.

9. Custody of Returned Defective Product
  Acrosser will be responsible for RMA goods’ keeping before customers signed back the P/I or paid
clearly – ACR will also contact customers properly for certain reminding and communication, in order
to deal the whole repair services.
10. Shipping Back of Product Completed Maintenance
  10.1 ACR will return RMA goods to customers by Express service normally – But, if customers have any particular
inquiry for the delivery, ACR also can coordinate it and will charge for extra cost if any.
  10.2 Sales need to highlight the special inquiry from customers before the RMA return to ACR or ACR will send
them back to customers, if any.
Extended Warranty
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