Nowadays, the demand for monitoring equipment had greatly increased, and subsequently, the demand for a monitoring system in public places and transportation has been increasing this past decade. The growing need for more ruggedness of industrial-grade computers in Transportation, and more specifically in trains, make the Acrosser POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) train-level industrial computer an indispensable device. The most common applications for these devices are personnel monitoring (such as train drivers), face recognition (such as passengers), video recording (such as luggage, prevention of wrongdoing), as well as proof and deterrence of criminal acts on the train.

Acrosser believes that for POE train-level industrial computers, the most important features are to provide; enough POE power, stable M12 connectors, as well as data, access to the disk. These ensure that the surveillance lenses are stable, and video signals can overcome the train vibrations thereby ensuring complete transmission, and image data completely saved, which completes the entire monitoring operation.

Additionally, Acrosser’s POE train-level industrial computers have other benefits such as 18V-75V wide voltage input, POE camera for network cabling, simple wiring, and easy POE power supply without other power cords. To avoid power failure or damage, usually more functions will also be added, such as 4G LTE function to receive network signals, Wi-Fi AP function for passenger use, GPS module for train positioning, serial port and other peripheral devices, an Ethernet port for the train to upload and download data to use.
Moreover, Acrosser understands that the POE train-level industrial computer also needs to pass a number of stringent certificates to ensure that the required quality can be achieved to meet the following specifications:
 CE / FCC / E-Mark, EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2,
 Vibration: IEC 60068-2-64,
 Shock: IEC 60068-2-27
 Vibration / MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6, Category 4
 Shock: MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6, Procedure I

Acrosser is soon releasing a new product for its POE-class industrial PC line, equipped with the following: Intel Sky-Lake-S Core i7-6700 TE, 4 x M12 POE (25W x 4), 4 x SSD (removable), 4 x Mini-PCI-e (can be equipped with 4 SIM cards) and 4G / LTE Module; and designed to meet the required certifications for the above train application.

About Acrosser Technology Co.,
Headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, with four (4) offices in China and one (1) in the USA in Cypress, California, Acrosser is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) hardware technology products: all-in-one HMI industrial panel PCs, monitors, and embedded computers; single board computers (SBC), ruggedized in-vehicle computers with internal CANbus, and network appliances.

Established in 1987, Acrosser offers twenty-nine (29) solid years of expertise in the fields of industrial automation and control, digital visualization in the modern workplace environment; embedded computing solutions for vertical markets such as healthcare, transportation, and gaming; as well as network security and unified threat management (UTM). The company prides itself on a roster of high-quality technology products it manufactures for its own branding, as well as custom solutions for major OEM/ODM/JDM projects. Through the years, the company had built a strong in-depth engineering design base, diverse board fabrication capabilities, flexible system integration, and production. Acrosser’s non-stop pursuit of excellence in quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in the company meeting various industrial standards and certifications such as ISO9001/ CE/ FCC and UL Furthermore, Acrosser had established an MRPII program that manages materials and resources leading to higher production efficiencies. Acrosser manufacturing centers utilize a world-class customer-driven ERP system to achieve high flexibility and real-time response.

Acrosser is 100% committed to providing its OEM/ ODM/ JDM and end-user clientele with high-quality innovative embedded computer solutions and networking appliances for shorter time-to-market and in achieving higher competence to win business opportunities in the marketplace.

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