In-Vehicle Computer

Acrosser In-Vehicle Computer (Car PC, Vehicle PC, On-Board Computer, Bus PC, vehicle applications, ADAS solutions, or car computer) is designed to perform multiple in-car functions, including infotainment, fleet management, telematics, video surveillance, taxi dispatch, and law enforcement. A newer unique need in the intelligent traffic system, asset management, job dispatch, video surveillance, and fuel-saving has come to the market recently.

Currently, Acrosser In-Vehicle Computer is powered by Intel® Core i™ and Intel® Atom™ CPUs. Both models provide unique features and functions to cater to different industries. All in-vehicle computers are designed to meet the harsh environment during the move.

With the compliance of ISO 7637-2 and E-Mark, Acrosser provides solid car pc solutions for its customer to shorten time-to-market. Common features of the Acrosser on-board computer include CAN Bus, GPS, GPRS/3.5G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, anti-shock, and anti-vibration. An Acrosser In-Vehicle computer integrates a wide range of DC input with surge protection, which resolves the critical power management issue within each vehicle. Therefore, Acrosser’s car pc was embedded into multiple applications, from the taxi, police car, ambulance to firefighter truck, heavy-duty truck, bus, construction vehicle, and train.

In-Vehicle Computer Categories

  • In-Vehicle System

    In-Vehicle System, In-Vehicle Computer, Telematics, rugged vehicle computer, In Cab Computer, Car Computer, Car PC, in-vehicle system integration, Edge AI Computing.

  • Autonomous Driving Controller

    An Autonomous Driving Controller is a sophisticated software and hardware system designed to navigate a vehicle safely and efficiently without human intervention, utilizing sensors, algorithms, and real-time data processing to make driving decisions.

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