Networking Appliance

Acrosser manufactures network appliances and network applications for your UTM and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). Under the x86 based structure, this Microbox Network and network appliance can perform applications from UTM appliance, rackmount server, firewall, VPN, gateway security, VOIP, SD-WAN to bandwidth management, and intrusion detection.

Acrosser provides high-quality Network Server HardwareNetwork appliances for network security applications. Currently, Acosser supplies customers with 2 main network products: 2U/1U Rackmount and Micro Box. These high-quality network server hardware and network appliances are ideal for network security hardware and network communication applications. All products feature scalable platforms including Intel Atom, Core 2 Duo, Core I with single core up to quad-core.

Networking Appliance Categories

  • MicroBox

    Acrosser’s Micro Box and Micro Box network offer compact throughput and high-performance telecommunication experience.

  • Rackmount

    Acrosser had committed its valuable resources to further develop its advanced network server hardware, network security hardware,and network appliances,and SD-WAN hardware solution.

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