Total Quality Assurance

Priority In Quality Enterprise Continuity Customer-Oriented Win-Win Situation


Acrosser prides itself on the high quality of the products it provides. With its four full production lines, the company manufactures products for its own brand name as well as the OEM/ODM customers.

Acrosser keeps pursuing the quality and has met various current industrial standards. It has not only obtained ISO9001 certification, but met CE, FCC, and UL standards as well. In addition, to ensure the reliability, all the products must stand up to environmental screenings such as vibration test, environmental stress screening, and 100% burn-in test. Moreover, Acrosser has established a MRPII program that manages materials and resources to make the production more efficient.

Most importantly, all the effort is to ensure the high quality of products Acrosser provides to the customers..

Quality Assurance
RMA co-ordination
Customer Complaint Handling
Abnormal Quality Management
ECR/ECN/MCN Follow-up
In Process Quality Control
Vendor Quality Assessment & Audit
Mat’l Incoming Inspection
Failure Mat’l Follow up
First Article Inspection
Final QC
Corrective Action Follow up
Compatibility Test
Reliability Test
Environmental test
ISO Periodical Audit
ISO Document Control
Testing Instrument Calibration