Extended Warranty Service Policy

1. Charging Standard of Extended Warranty

Customer may purchase Extended Warranty needed with maximum of 3 years additional to the standard warranty period

3 –Year Warranty with addition of 5% of product unit price
4 – Year Warranty with addition of 8% of product unit price
5 – Year Warranty with addition of 12% of product unit price

Remark 1: Customers are pleased to decide whether extended warranty is to be purchased or not when placing order.

Remark 2: Extended Warranty will be offered on order basis. If customer requires extended warranty on part of the shipment, please separate the order, with one part with extended warranty and the other party with standard warranty.

Remark 3: No extended warranty will be offered on the Resale portion of the product.

2. Maintenance service for extended warranty

Other than extending the warranty period, the warranty and the maintenance service will be same as provided under Acrosser Warranty and Maintenance Service Policy.

3.Management of Extended Warranty

Acrosser will apply Extended Warranty Management System in the management of needs for extended warranty. Under such mode, the extended warranty needs and internal control will be handled timely and effectively.