Network Security Appliance
  • MicroBox

    Acrosser’s Micro-BoxDesktop Network, and Micro Box network offer compact throughput and a high-performance telecommunication experience. Scalable network server hardware, SD-WAN hardware solution,  network security hardware platforms, SDN/NFV, and vCPE. UTM.

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  • Rackmount
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  • SD-WAN Special

    Now, Acrosser is offering a special deal for its SD-WAN hardware to all its customers. Moreover, another additional huge discount will be offered to SD-WAN Company.

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  • Solutions

    Autonomous Driving Servers

    Autonomous vehicles also known as self-driving vehicles use an in-vehcile computer include artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, LiDAR, RADAR, sensors and cameras to sense the surrounding environment and navigate by forming an active 3D map of that environment.

    SD-WAN Solution

    The global market of self-driving and Internet of Vehicles will reach 800 billion US dollars in 2030. At present, many manufacturers in the world have invested in the development of technology in the field of self-driving vehicle platforms, including Intel and IBM.

    In-Vehicle Computers

    In-vehicle computer is high relibile computing system design for working under harsh environments. It features with rugged mechanism design, high computing performance, mobile communication availability, computer circuit protection, power management, reliability design for shock and vibration, wide range operating temperature, safety validations and easily maintenance efforts.

    Industrial Computers

    ACROSSER offers a comprehensive range of Low cost, Low power, Fanless, Long life time, Half size ISA, PCI Industrial Computers. ACROSSER’s full range Touch Panel PC together with these rugged Industrial Computers are the best solution for Industrial Automation, Factory Automation, Telecommunication, Instrumentation, CNC Machines, MMI, HMI(Human Machine Interface), CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Machine Tools applications.

    Network Computing

    Acrosser provides quality x86 network appliance with different form factors. We supply UTM vendors with reliable hardware, and we offer seasoned industrial experience to help these vendors to build up systems with reasonable time and cost..ext

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