Acrosser revealed Latest Denverton AND/AND-DNV3N3 white box solution for SD-WAN

13 Apr / 2020

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses and schools across the country have been affected by the virus. There’s been a surge of demand of work-from-home and Study-at-home. SD-WAN is a new computer network technology that links corporate headquarters with branch offices and remote workers. The corporate shift to off-premise cloud computing services has been driving demand for SD-WAN products.

To fulfill the huge needs of SD-WAN appliances, Acrosser Technology, a leading network appliance manufacturer in Taiwan, decide to offer a special white box solution for its customers. This white box solution including Acrosser’s latest Intel ®Denverton Platform networking appliance, AND-DNV3N3, and ANR--DNV3N3 series, which are perfect for UTM, SD-WAN, SDN, NFV and v/uCPE and others.

ANR--DNV3N3 is a scalable network computing white box solution that can fit UTM, vCPE of SDN/NFV structure, fog node of cloud computing, and IoT gateway. ANR--DNV3N3 can support cost-competitive gateway up to 16 core microserver, as a network appliance or network server of virtualized network function. And ANR--DNV3N3 integrates more features like PoE, IPM2.0, even NIM into one device. All these advantages made ANR--DNV3N3 is the best fit for branch or SME offices.

AND--DNV3N3 is a supplemental product for ANR--DNV3N3. It is a micro box form factor and designed for SOHO and small business. AND--DNV3N3 is perfect for UTM, vCPE/SD-WAN of SDN/NFV structure as well. It is more than a plain networking box; it can integrate various features like LTE, WLAN, PoE, L2 switch, and redundant power. With these features, AND--DNV3N3 is an excellent choice for SOHO, SMB or branch offices.


Acrosser ANR-DNV3N3 Specification:
◇ Denverton Platform 1U IoT Gateway/Network MicroServer
◇ Intel® Denverton C3000 Platform
◇ 4~16 core SoC options
◇ 4 x UDIMM DDR4
◇ 1 x Exp. NIM (1G/10G/25G/40G Fiber/Copper/LAN Bypass)
◇ 1 x Mgmt. port (Reserved)
◇ 3 x 2.5" Hot-swappable(Drive Bay),1 x CFast
◇ 2 x smart cooling fan
◇ 1+1 Redundant PSU

Acrosser AND-DNV3N3 Specification:
◇ Denverton Platform Desktop Networking Server
◇ Intel® Denverton C3000 Platform
◇ 2~8 core SoC options
◇ 1/2 x SO-DIMM DDR4
◇ 1 x 2.5" SSD, & 1 x CFast
◇ smart cooling fan(C3758)
◇ Fanless Design (C3338, C3558)
◇ Dual DC-in for redundancy

Acrosser Technology is helping enterprises provide remote working environments in coronavirus crisis, companies and institutions that have already moved to SD-WAN are finding it easier to implement remote working/studying in the face of the coronavirus epidemic and users have more capacity at home than in their offices. With the SD-WAN platform, companies and institutions are getting better quality even for those users who are still on site, and it’s cheaper than MPLS.

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