Acrosser announced complete product family of SD-WAN hardware solution

12 Jan / 2021

With years’ experiences in making network appliances, in 2020, Acrosser Technology has announced its complete product family of SD-WAN hardware solution.

Many companies are adopting SD-WAN as a flexible solution to manage multiple and disparate networks. Investment is showing no signs of slowing and IDC reported an 83.3% increase in SD-WAN infrastructure revenues in 2017, predicting that the market will reach $4.5bn by 2022.

Despite this growth, companies are still dubious about migrating from legacy networks, decision-makers need to determine and prove the switch will deliver strong financial and operational returns to justify the investment. One of the main benefits of SD-WAN is raw cost - it costs less than traditional WANs and is often easier to deploy. Another advantage is SD-WAN simplifies network management across the entire network.

However, no company can afford to be out of action due to technical or network errors while switching its system from traditional WAN to SD-WAN. For an SD-WAN solution provider, customers expect a consistent quality of service and reliability. The ability to provide a total solution is a huge bonus.

Acrosser’s complete product family of SD-WAN hardware solution can fulfill all customers’ needs in SD-WAN Ecosystem.