Introducing the entire Acrosser COM Express family: Powering the Future of Embedded Computing.

13 Oct / 2023

In an ever-evolving world of technology, the need for compact, versatile, and powerful computing solutions has never been more critical. Acrosser, a pioneer in COM Express embedded computing, is an expert in this revolution with its comprehensive COM Express product family. Today, we are pleased to introduce our diverse portfolio of Type 6, Type 7, Type 10, and COM-HPC modules that will redefine the way you think about embedded computing.


Type 6:

ACM-XE21B6: Versatility Meets Performance Our Type 6 COM Express module is designed for maximum versatility and compatibility. With up to 24 PCI-e Gen 3 lanes and 64GB of DDR4, these compact yet powerful modules are designed for applications ranging from industrial automation to medical devices, offering excellent CPU performance, rich I/O options, and outstanding reliability.


Type 7:

ACM-ICLDE7: Extreme expandability and reliability. For applications where extreme expandability and reliability are paramount, our Type 7 COM Express modules offer up to 32 PCI-e Gen 3 lanes and 4 x 10GbE. Based on Intel's server-grade Xeon E SoC processor, they are well suited for high-speed connectivity applications. With a focus on rugged design, they ensure your systems maintain high-speed connectivity in the expansion server environment.


Type 10:

ACM-TGLUE0 & ACM-EL6KA: Ultra-Compact Efficiency When space is at a premium, our Type 10 COM Express modules with 4 x PCI-e x1 lanes and onboard memory & SSD storage can meet the challenge. These ultra-compact solutions are perfect for small form factor devices, IoT applications and edge computing. Don't let their size fool you - they pack a punch with efficient processing power and ultra-low 6W power consumption. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, both modules are suitable for use in military, aerospace, and outdoor applications. With a focus on rugged design, they keep your systems running in the harshest environments.



Coming New Product: COM-HPC Client size C:

ACM-R680E1: Powering Tomorrow's Innovations As we look to the future of embedded computing, Acrosser's COM-HPC modules are at the forefront of innovation. Featuring PCI-e Gen5 lanes for high-speed connectivity, DDR5 memory support for AI and machine learning applications, and a total of 32 PCI-e lanes for enhanced expansion capabilities, these modules are poised to power the next generation of cutting-edge devices.


New service of the customized carrier board

We are pleased to announce our latest service, it's a new service of customized carrier board of COM-e, please let me know how to help you to make your COM-e embedded idea to reality in your applications.

Join us on an exciting journey through Acrosser's COM Express family, where you'll discover the perfect computing solution for your specific needs. Whether you're looking for flexibility, ruggedness, compactness, or future-proofing, Acrosser has you covered.