【WEBINAR】How to Enhance Business Competitiveness with Sustainable Smart Factory Solutions.

04 Jan / 2024

International regulations, such as the EU CBAM initiative and the US CCA policy, are tightening control over carbon emissions.

It makes the market demand for carbon reduction increasingly and also drives the enterprise emphasize the importance of monitoring carbon footprints and trying to find a solution to address the issues.

In this brief session, we'll explore how these solutions drive efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and make businesses more effective and responsive. We'll be sharing plenty of success stories and insights around the globe into optimizing resources and creating safer, more connected workspaces.

In this webinar you will get :

1. Sparktech cutting-edge CMS software solution
2. NVIDIA industrial computers and Gateway solutions
3. How Acrosser’s Edge AI Solution contributes to ESG

This is something you don’t want to miss out!