Wi-Fi AP Mode Solution for In-Vehicle Computer


A Wi-Fi specification, (IEEE-802.11 a/b/g/n) is a commonly adopted technology for In Vehicle Computer products. These are AP (Access Point) Mode and Station Mode for the Wi-Fi technologies. In general, the Wi-Fi module can only support Station Mode which allows user to connect to a local Access Point in range; however, Acrosser has studied and reviewed numerous field applications and has took into consideration these results when the company designed their In Vehicle Computer products, such as, the AR-V6100FL and AR-V6002FL. Acrosser Wi-Fi modules can support both AP Mode and Station Mode, allowing the user to switch mode during operation.

Examples of Acrosser In-Vehicle Computer with Wi-Fi AP Mode built-i

In a bus or taxi application, the Wi-Fi AP mode feature can be leveraged to accomplish the mobile hot spot concept, allowing clients to connect to the in-vehicle computer via an Wi-Fi connection, and connect to the internet via the subscribed 3.5G service of the in-vehicle computer. Hence, passengers can use their own laptops or smart phones to access the internet or check emails while in transit.

In service utility fleet applications, the in-vehicle computer acts as an Access Point, so the operator/driver/technician can connect back to the vehicle and search for the information he needs on a database or talk back to the control center when he is in the field.

When the fleets return to station or hub, the Wi-Fi mode can be switched back to Station Mode so it can connect back to the Access Point in the control center and synchronize data with other fleet members and administrator.

Acrosser’s in-vehicle computer allows users to select the Wi-Fi modes between AP Mode and Station Mode easily by any pre-defined trigger, such as ignition, button or manual switch.

Acrosser is very dedicated to the in-vehicle computer market (Telematics), and we are proud to deliver our well-designed state-of-the-art products to all the customers with an extensive global demand for in-vehicle computers and applications. Typical markets include airport vehicle management and deployment, driver fatigue monitoring systems, trash container and recyclable material collection trucks, bus route monitoring and maintenance management, as well as, utility and service fleet management among others.

Footnote :

Wi-Fi Station Mode:

A default operating mode for a Wi-Fi module. The module operates as a client that connects to a Wi-Fi server access point and links to an existing wireless network.

Wi-Fi AP Mode:

When configured in AP mode, the Wi-Fi module acts as an access point host that allows other Wi-Fi adapters to connect or link to the host hence creating a virtual wireless network.

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