Adopting your Acrosser's Edge AI Solution NOW!

31 Jan / 2024

By adopting Acrosser's Edge AI Solution, enterprises can enhance their carbon footprint management, improve operational efficiency, and facilitate a more sustainable future. With the ability to process data at the edge, organizations can reduce network complexity, minimize supply chain risks, and make critical decisions based on real-time insights.

Here is our webinar about "How Acrosser’s Edge AI Solutions contribute to ESG".

Acrosser's products in this webinar:

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AES-Q670A(Real-time Data Acquisition and AnalysisàEdge Device)

AES-Q670A1 Edge AI device is powered by an Intel core 12th/13th generation processor. With NVIDIA RTX series graphic card, performs outstanding computing capacity for image recognition, automation, video streaming, and other AI inference applications. The edge device manages overall operation in the facility, also provisions real-time adjustment in response to potential issues, and prevents critical problems.

The power supply offers 12-36V DC-in power input, which not only ensures high performance but also secures the operation substantially. DDR5 (5600 Mega Hertz) memory up to 64GB gives superior read/write speed. Abundant IO contains 6x serial sort, 6x USB, multi HDMI & DP port, including wireless connectivity & WiFi via M.2 expansion slot. 2x swappable 2.5” SSD slot, and single NVMe socket for optimal storage performance.

AND-DNV3B (Seamless ConnectivityàEdge Gateway)

AND-DNV3B is designed for SD-WAN & uCPE (Universal Customer Premises Equipment) which enables agile deployment and secures network solutions for enterprise endpoints while stepping down complex network architecture. The appliance integrates with SD-WAN structure where VNF (virtualized Network function) is broadly distributed performing managed service, such as cloud-based next-generation firewall, SASE, and encrypted tunnel. The flexible approach minimizes supply chain risk, as well as reduces considerably network investment.

The dual 5G platform is powered by an Intel Atom C3000 server-grade processor and supports diverse network interfaces in response to different connectivity requirements, 6x 2.5GbE Ethernet, 2x 1GbE fiber(SFP), 2x 10GbE Fiber (SFP+), and onboard TPM 2.0 hardware security.


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